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#1 stop for everything John Cena and Cody Rhodes!

welcome & maintainers
Congratulations, you've arrived at Codena! Welcome to your number one spot for everything John Cena and Cody Rhodes. Each week we will work to bring you the latest news, photos, and results of each of these superstars. Some days you will even find an extra thrown in post of graphics or fanfics. Feel free to post something of your own, we simply ask that it is related to Cena or Rhodes. maloree11 and court_310 are the two providers here at Codena. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or requests don't hesitate to contact one of us!

rule guidelines
» You must be a member in order to make a post.
» No bashing, vulger words, or hating on John Cena or Cody Rhodes.
» Don't bash our loyal members or we will bash you over the head.
» Tag all of your entries to their respectful tags.
» If you advertise, make sure it's about Cody, John, or WWE.
» Give credit where credit is due and do not hotlink, please.
» Make sure if you're posting large pictures, graphics, or spoilers, they are hidden in a lj-cut.
» No more than 3 preview icons per post.

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We are currently looking for affiliates. If you are interested contact one of the maintainers above.

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